Monday, February 4, 2019

I've been told recently by a few people that they've received letters or postcard promoting a "Free & Private group on".  Nextdoor is another social media site.
These letters and postcards have been going around for some time now. Nextdoor is a legitimate real site, and it can be useful, But SODA as an association is not sending the invites. 
We post our events and information on there and I'm personally set as a Lead for the Southwestern Outer Drive neighborhood. As an association we don't have a lot of control over the site and you're limited on what you can see City wide. It's mostly self policing, and doesn't seem to get too crazy like some Facebook groups can get.  So it has it's pros and cons.
Part of the way the site promotes it's self is by mailing invites to people. Current users select addresses in the neighborhood that haven't been sent an invite yet, and if the person that was invited joins, the user that did the invite gets a point or recognition on their profile. That's why you may have seen a "code to join" on a letter or postcard sent to you, that code just links back to the person that sent the invite.
The invites do not come from the Association. SODA is not actively promoting Nextdoor. It's just another information tool in our tool belt.
If you have any other concerns about this please feel free to contact me personally.

Timothy S. Harrison
SODA President