Thursday, May 26, 2016

Penn-Vassar Park & Play Meet Up

For those interested in an evening park meet up we will start with Monday the 6th of June around 6:00 pm or so. Bring a folding chair or whatever to Penn-Vassar Park to hang this time and we can expand to other times as well!

When: June 6th - 6:00 pm
Where: Penn-Vassar Park
Who: Kids, Parents, Everyone

Thank you to SODA Member Britt Smart for organizing this event!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Healthy Dearborn Walk & Roll

Under the leadership of cycling enthusiast and Healthy Dearborn coalition member Tracy Besek, with help from Dave Norwood and Mohamed Ayoub from the City, we are excited to announce the new weekly Healthy Dearborn Walk & Roll!

On Wednesday of each week, Healthy Dearborn will lead a family friendly, community walk and bike ride.  They will meet at a different park each week at 6:00 p.m., alternating each week between east and west side parks.  Rides and walks leave the park at 7:00 p.m.

The first one is June 1st at Levagood Park.
The second one is planned for June 8th at Ford Woods park.

They plan to do this through October 12th.  Route maps will be available at the park meet-up site. See the flyer below and the Healthy Dearborn Walk & Roll Facebook group for more details

Healthy Dearborn is a robust coalition of more than 200 community residents, businesses, employees, elected and civic leaders. Find out more about Healthy Dearborn on the City of Dearborn website.

Monday, May 23, 2016

SODA 20th Anniversary Dinner

Thanks everyone what come to the SODA 20th Anniversary Dinner on May 12th.
We had over 40 people for dinner as well as a few more for the program afterward.

We gave out recognition awards to many of the members in attendance for all their efforts in supporting SODA.

A special Thank You to George Darany & Gary Woronchak for their support of our community and recognition of SODA's efforts!

The Tin Can raffle had more prizes and surprises that anyone could imagine. Thank you to Tammy Rayburn for getting all the great donations.

Thank You to all the people and businesses that donated items to the Tin Can raffle!!
· Beauty Market                           · Soma Therapy Massage
· Paint and Pour                           · Dearborn Music
· Peggy Strachan                          · Studtz Hardware
· Dan Featherston                        · Windy Weber & Karl Hultgren
· Carol Lowe                                  · Famous Burgers
· Stadium Hot Dogs                      · Salon West
· Regan and Sarah Ford               · Mary Osterwind
· Bailey's Bar and Grill                 · Brera Pizza
· Painting with a Twist                 · Lue Thai CafĂ©
· Gigi Nails                                     · Zaza’s Restaurant
· Stormy Records                          · Nathan & Michelle Leonard
· Adam and Eve                            · Fast Stop
· Kelly Featherston                       · Kurt Krug
· On the Border                            · Michele Featherston
· Sylvia Hall                                   · Brenda Bachert
· Michelle Rebecca                      · Yogurt Town
· Lolly by Golly
· Nick Lopez, Weapons 4 Weight Loss - Bootcamp & Personal Training
· BP Gas Station - Monroe and Outer Drive
· Shell Gas Station - Monroe and Outer Drive

Thank You to Fisher's Flowers for donating the table center pieces

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ford Press Release

Below is a link to Ford’s press release and video.

The representatives from Ford Land planned on showing this at last night's SODA meeting but were unable to due to technical difficulties.

Edison Park - Ford Renovations

To try and further clarify one issue that keeps coming up, I outlined a satellite view based on the information we received from the Dearborn Rec. Dept.. Edison Park is not going away, and in fact is currently having new playground equipment installed as I type this.
Edison Park is shown in the yellow box. I'm a little baffled that the Ford Land people we've talked to don't seem to know where the Ford property lines are, but from my discussions with them everything being considered will take place within the existing fence line. The road that runs along the inside of the fence will be widened inward to create a boulevard divided road. Any new building construction would then be further in from that new widened road. Currently where this road ends at Village road would then be continued around the entire campus, and Village road would be completely removed from the campus.

- Tim Harrison

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May SODA Meeting

May SODA Meeting
Thursday May 19th @ 7:00pm
in the auditorium at Whitmore-Bolles Elementary
21501 Whitmore St, Dearborn, MI 48124

Special Guests:
Barry S. Murray
Economic and Community Development Director
City of Dearborn

Ford Land representatives

Win Prizes At The Meeting
Member Raffle - for any paid Regular Members in attendance.
Attendance Raffle - for ANYONE in attendance.
50/50 Raffle

The only requirement for winning is attending the association meeting. For the Member Raffle we pull names from the entire member list until we pull the name of a paid regular member in attendance. For the Attendance Raffle we draw names of anyone that signed in when attending the meeting. You must be present to win.

*All prizes are donated by our supporters and business advertisers.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Park Clean Up 2016

Park Clean Up
Summer Stephens Park & Pool

Saturday May 21st, 9am-1pm.

Supported by 'Friends of Summer Stephens Pool', 'SOP', and SODA.

Letter From Ford Land

Received this letter from Barry Murray, Economic and Community Development Director, City of Dearborn. This letter is being sent to neighbors surrounding the Ford Research & Engineering center.
Mr. Murray will be our guest next week at the May SODA meeting (Thurs, May 19th, 7 pm @ Whitmore-Bolles). He is also hoping to have representatives from Ford attend as well. If you have questions about Ford's plans please attend this meeting.

DCT Residential Letter_Final.pdf