Tuesday, February 5, 2019

*Special Meeting* DTE Gas Main & Meter Replacement

SODA is hosting a Special Meeting
Feb 5th 6:30 pm at Whitmore-Bolles.

DTE will be presenting an open forum meeting regarding Gas Main and Meter Replacement in our neighborhood. This is a major construction project that will affect many in our community. The Gas Main as well as service lines to resident homes will be replaced, and meters currently located inside the home are to be moved outside the home. Please attend this meeting to find out more about how this project will affect you. Representatives from DTE will be presenting the project and locations in an open forum setting to answer all questions from residents. DTE will also have representatives on hand if you have any other questions related to billing or service.

Also see the DTE website regarding the Gas Renewal Program.

Dearborn DPW officials will be in attendance as well. Have questions about City projects? Come get answers.