Friday, May 20, 2016

Edison Park - Ford Renovations

To try and further clarify one issue that keeps coming up, I outlined a satellite view based on the information we received from the Dearborn Rec. Dept.. Edison Park is not going away, and in fact is currently having new playground equipment installed as I type this.
Edison Park is shown in the yellow box. I'm a little baffled that the Ford Land people we've talked to don't seem to know where the Ford property lines are, but from my discussions with them everything being considered will take place within the existing fence line. The road that runs along the inside of the fence will be widened inward to create a boulevard divided road. Any new building construction would then be further in from that new widened road. Currently where this road ends at Village road would then be continued around the entire campus, and Village road would be completely removed from the campus.

- Tim Harrison