Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Monroe Business District

I called my friend Larry Johnson from Dearborn Building and Services about the business district jungle on Monroe. Larry is the best, he's a good dude. Unfortunately he's one of only two commercial ordinance enforcers the city has on payroll, part time I might add. 12 months ago we had 5 or 6 but they all left for more pay and the positions have been left unfilled by the Mayor.

Anyways, He just spent the last hour out at the site and he wrote two citations for the new market where Fishers Flowers used to be.

He also spoke with existing business owners and issued warnings.

He said the vacant lot behind the tanning place and kids school will be cut within the next 24 hours.

He is going to try and get city crews to clean up the alleyway behind Katherine St. along with the trash and vines within the next week. Along with an abatement.

Like I said, he's awesome and always gets stuff done. It's just unfortunate they won't give him any help as he tries to manage 5000 businesses basically by himself.

He also happens to be the President of the Goodfellows, you won't find a better dude.

Anyways, I just wanted to let people know, I looked into it and the city is doing what they can to clean that jungle up.

In year's past, us residents didn't have to do the job of the city. We didn't have to police our own neighborhoods, the city did. But it is what it is until we get some real leadership in city hall.

Regan Ford
S.O.D.A. President