Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Thank You! SODA Easter Egg Hunt


Thank You to Everyone that donated to this year's SODA Easter Egg Hunt.  Every one of you made this great event possible! 

4000 Filled Eggs
71 Prize Baskets

Prize Basket Donations:

Vicky Vincent
Anne Michelis
Michelle Rebecca
Kathy & Jack Harrison
Carol Lowe
Gail Denman
Michele Featherston
Deb Seder
Andrea Fitzgerald
Lolly by Golly

Candy and Other Donations:

Kathy & Jack Harrison
Helen & Ron Schauman
Jim Thorpe
Stephanie Fries
Mike Albano
Stacey Vaughan
Mike Chung
Barbara Acheson
Windy Webber
Gail Denman
Gary Woronchak
Eric & Sara Kumm
Anne Devlin
Susan Dabaja
Christi Roth
Virginia Russell
The Dearborn Agency
Carolyn Farrell

Egg Stuffers:

Carol Lowe
Sylvia Hall
Leonard Family
Michelle Rebecca
Kathy & Jack Harrison
Kameron Brown
Breanna Jackson
Jeremy Jackson
Emma Harrison
Sean Harrison
Lily Smith
Lillie Hart
Stephanie Fries & Family
Theresa and Dave Smith
Judy Struble
Marlana Tokman