Friday, January 10, 2020

Bike Repair Station FULLY FUNDED

Vinyl Graphic Layout
Bike Repair Station FULLY FUNDED!!
Congratulations SODA!!

We're happy to announce that our current community infrastructure project fundraising campaign is complete.

In partnership with Bike Dearborn and the City of Dearborn, SODA will be installing a bike repair station in the Monroe/Carlysle Business District (MOCA District). This is the fourth such station to be installed in the City. The station has the tools needed to do minor repairs, a tire air pump, and custom vinyl graphic with SODA logo. The station is free to use by all in the community

A special thank you to the 16 donors that helped raise the additional funds needed to purchase this amenity for the community.

The bike repair station will be purchased thru Bike Dearborn and the Dearborn Community Fund tax free.

Cost:  $1326.24
Initial Funding by SODA: $500 
Alan Devlin
Stephanie Fries
William Strachan
Julia Johnston
Lorraine Satko
Matthew Burpee
Dustin Weber
Sara Gleicher
Michael Albano
Michele Featherston
Mayor O'Reilly - One Dearborn
Patti Mack
James Witman
George Turley
Jennifer Rigney
Nady B's Beauty Bar

Ray Alcodray (Black Box Gallery) has offered to store the shipping boxes till installation.

City of Dearborn DPW will install the station in the spring on Monroe St.

Future maintenance of the station will be handled by Bike Dearborn

Similar Station In The West Village Commons Area Near Michigan Ave.