Thursday, August 1, 2019

the Custard Company *New Business Member*

SODA is excited to re-announce a new business member!

the Custard Company
2801 Monroe St.
Dearborn, Michigan

Hassan Jawad and Jamal Jawad have been a part of the local business scene since March 1989 when the family opened their BP gas station on the corner of Monroe and Outer Drive. Since then, they have been active contributors to the Dearborn scene, becoming family and friends of those in the neighborhood. The family is proud to now announce their next local business venture, our newest community ice cream parlor, the Custard Company. Located at 2801 Monroe Street, the Custard Co. offers a wide range of sweets and treats, ranging from their now famous Sweet Bun (a delicious fresh donut with custard or ice cream) to their flavor of the week Custard.

Jamal told us that he had mentioned to his father for a while that they should open some type of shop in the Monroe St. building that they owned. After the last couple of renters failed to make businesses work, Jamal said it was a sign that it was time to make his idea a reality. Jamal was amazed when just the first day into their soft opening and training that they had a line out the door with customers standing in the rain waiting to try out the new shop. Jamal has a lot of great ideas for future plans, and we're excited to see what he might do. The SODA neighborhood has been waiting for just such a place in our area and we're happy to see long time members of the community investing in Dearborn once again.
The Jawad family would like to welcome all in the community to come try out their delicious desserts and enjoy ice cream or custard on their patio after a long day at work!

Good Luck to the Custard Company!