Friday, September 21, 2018

Join SODA!

"Why should I pay $15 for a membership? I get everything for free."
We hear that a lot. But without the support of our Association Members we would not be able to put on the great events we do for the neighborhood. Your support of $15 helps us reach more than just your family, helps us build community, helps us support our residents, businesses, and city. Please consider joining today and help us build an even better neighborhood. 

Unsure about what SODA actually does with your $15?

Here's a list of just our 2017-2018 Calendar Year events:
Weekly - SODA POP Trivia Team (Tuesdays)
March 9th - SODA General Meeting
March 25th - Spring Meetup
April 13th - SODA General Meeting
April 15th - Easter Egg Hunt - Approx 200 kids - Over 300 people attended
May 11th - SODA General Meeting
May 19th - 21th SODA Neighborhood Garage Sale - 14 sale locations
June 4th - Park Cleanup - Summer Stephens Pool
June 10th - SODA Summer Saturdays
June 14th - Taste of Dearborn - SODA Meetup (Adult social event)
July 22nd - Whitmore-Bolles Splash Pad Grand Opening (SODA Water Bottles)
August 12th - SODA Summer Saturdays
August 15th - Ten Eyck Floatie Night - SODA sponsored drinks
September 7th - SODA General Meeting
September 10th - Member Picnic
September 16th - SODA Members cleaned out the flower box at Penn-Vassar Park
September 22nd - SODA Summer Beautification Awards
September 23rd - 3nd Annual Movie Night in The Park - Approx 100 people
October 1st - Nov 3rd - Fall Adopt -A- Tree Well on Michigan Ave.
October 12th - Dearborn Candidates MEET & GREET
October 13th - Free SODA pop for Whitmore-Bolles Fall Fest
October 29th - 4th Annual SODA TRACK or TREAT - Over 3000 people
October 31st - SODA Halloween Decoration Awards
November 3rd - Dedication: Whitmore-Bolles Park Playground Equipment
November 9th - SODA General Meeting
December 18th - Annual SODA December Potluck Dinner
December 31st - SODA Holiday Decoration Awards
January 11th - SODA General Meeting
January 16th - Burgers & SODA event at Fall Sport Lounge
February 8th - SODA Annual Meeting
February 16th - Hawks' Nest Food