Monday, May 22, 2017

Whitmore-Bolles Park Splash Pad

At the May SODA meeting, City of Dearborn Recreation & Parks Director Greg Orner talked about the new splash pad coming to Whitmore-Bolles Park.

Whitmore-Bolles Park is at the Northeast corner of Katherine St. and Notre Dame St.. While this City Park is adjacent to Whitmore-Bolles Elementary, the property at the corner where the old Whitmore-Bolles pool use to be is not owned by the school district and is actually city property. The park is maintained by the city.

The Splash Pad will have similar amenities as the two current splash pads in the city, but will have a different configuration.
In addition to the new Splash Pad and Comfort Station, City Council has authorized budget financing for a new playscape to be located near the splash pad.

The new Splash Pad, Comfort Station, and Playscape are all slated to begin construction this month, and some prep work has already begun.

Whitmore-Bolles Spray Park: $281,000
    - Wayne County Park Millage Allocation: $250,000 / City funding:$31,000

Playscape at Whitmore-Bolles Park: $35,000

Park Layout

Splash Pad Concept

Comfort Station


Similar to the structure at Edison Park