Friday, December 9, 2016

Reminder About Snow Emergency Rules

Department of Public Information  - Katie Hetrick

Snow is predicted to be piling up this weekend.
Dearborn residents are reminded that by law, parked vehicles must be removed from the roads when the City declares a snow emergency.

Parked vehicles on the street will get an $80 ticket.

Snow emergencies are generally declared when three inches of snow or more is predicted within a short period of time, or when other weather conditions will make the roads hazardous.
Sometimes a snow emergency is declared ahead of a snow storm, to give residents plenty of warning to move their parked vehicles so they won’t get ticketed.
Even if a snow emergency is not declared, residents can help the City plow or salt the roads faster and more effectively by moving parked vehicles off the street whenever ice or significant snowfall is expected.

Outdoor early warning sirens will signal the beginning of a snow emergency and the requirement that residents move their parked vehicles off the street.

Residents can also check to see if a snow emergency is in effect via the City website, the city Facebook and Twitter pages, CDTV, or the snow emergency hotline at 313-943-2444.

Driveway aprons will be covered with snow from street plowing operations. It is an inconvenience, but necessary so that roads can remain safe for drivers. Do NOT put snow back into the cleared street.