Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Floodplain & Insurance

As you may know, much of the SODA neighborhood is within the Ecorse Creek Floodplain. Much discussion has been had over the floodplain and whether or not flood insurance may be required for properties in our area. SODA was involved for several years in discussions between the City of Dearborn and FEMA regarding this issue.
While your property may be in the floodplain, it does not mean that every house requires flood insurance. The flood insurance is based on the elevation of your home. Residents can pay a private firm to conduct a survey and they can appeal to FEMA (not the city). Very few residents were successful in removing their home from the flood insurance requirement, but it is worth a try if you are willing to pay a surveyor.
To find out if your property is already exempt from the flood insurance requirement, check for your address on one of these two FEMA Revalidation Letters. Both documents are located on the City of Dearborn website.

For a complete map of the Ecorse Creek Floodplain, enter your address into the search field on this FEMA website