Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2nd Annual S.O.D.A. Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks everyone for coming out in the cold to the Easter Egg Hunt!
Because of the generosity of all our neighbors we had 39 baskets to give away and about 1200 eggs stuffed with candy.
We would like to thank Lolly by Golly, Redeemer Community Church, Whitmore-Bolles PTA, Michele Featherston, Kelly Featherston, Michael Albano, Deb Seder, Linda Snow, Viki Pung, Liz Courtesis, Michelle Giles, Michelle Rebecca, Tammy Rayburn, Jay Rayburn, Debbie Turley, Timothy Harrison, Eva Harrison, Michelle Leonard, Nathan Leonard, Jeremy Roth, Christi Roth, Carolyn Farrell, Carol Lowe, Sylvia Hall, Karl Weigand, Mark Wolffradt, Georgann Wright, The Henry Ford College Community Service Club, Debra Hay Ainsworth, Donna Hay, Britt Fuch and Jeff Fuch. Without these people, this event wouldn't have happened. Thank you so much!!