Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Interactive Loose Leaf Collection Map

The City of Dearborn has provided an interactive schedule map for loose leaf collection. This is a great use of technology by city employees to help clarify information for our residents!

The map below provides information on the loose leaf collection schedule for 2015. To see your area's next scheduled loose leaf pickup day, click on the highlighted section surrounding your address. Sections are divided by color, with each color corresponding to a different trash day.

The schedule serves as a guideline for loose leaf pickups and is subject to change. The map will be updated regularly, so please check back frequently for changes.

Please note that there are different pickup schedules for different recycling schedules (A and B) in each trash district. Zoom in on the map to make sure you are looking at the correct information for your address.

Monday: Purple
Tuesday: Orange
Wednesday: Yellow
Thursday: Blue
Friday: Green

All residents have green recycling carts, which are stamped with either an A or B on the lid to let you know what recycling schedule you are on.