Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dearborn Firewood Ordinance

For anyone who is considering cutting down a tree or purchasing large amounts of firewood, below is the complete City of Dearborn ordinance relating to Firewood and it's storage.
Also note that there are some accommodations for storing a small amount of firewood on your front porch during fall and winter months.

Sec. 10-10. - Firewood in residential districts.
  • (a) Definition. Firewood means and includes cut logs, scrap wood, cut brush and similar materials that can be burned or otherwise used as fuel.
  • (b) Storage requirements. It shall be unlawful for any person to store firewood in a residential district in a manner not conforming with the following:
    • (1) Location.
      • a. Firewood shall not be stored in any location other than the rear yard, except that firewood may be stored on the front porch from October 1 through April 1 subject to the regulations of this section.
      • b. Where it is possible to place a firewood pile on the side of a garage, accessory building, or behind the principal structure on the property, the firewood pile shall be placed in one of those locations so as to minimize the visual impact to neighboring property. If it is shown that placement in one of these locations is not possible, the firewood may be stored behind a garage or accessory structure, or along the property line.
    • (2) Dimensional requirements.
      • a. Firewood in the rear yard shall be stored in a rack or structure that measures no more than five feet in height as measured from the ground and two feet in depth. The width of a firewood pile may not exceed 25 percent of the total width or depth of the rear yard, whichever is greater. Any firewood pile stored on a surface other than concrete or pavers must be raised at least nine inches above the ground.
      • b. Firewood on a front porch must be stored in a rack or structure that measures no more than two feet in height, three feet in width, and two feet in depth, or ten percent of the porch area, whichever is smaller. Firewood on the front porch shall be stored so as not to impede ingress and egress to and from the house, not to encroach on porch steps, and so as not to create a trip hazard, regardless of the dimensions of the rack or structure.
      • c. The dimensional requirements of this section shall not apply to storage of wood that is the product of a tree removed from the lot pursuant to a permit issued by the city.
    • (3) No single lot shall be allowed more than one firewood pile.
    • (4) Storage of firewood is prohibited on vacant lots and in yards of homes that are registered as vacant or qualify as vacant under chapter 11 of this Code.
    • (5) No storage of firewood is permitted for use other than for the dwelling contained on the lot or parcel.
    • (6) No firewood shall be stored that is rotting, infested with insects, harboring animals, or otherwise causing a nuisance. A nuisance firewood pile may be enforced against or abated as provided in this chapter or chapter 13 of this Code.
    (Ord. No. 11-1342, 12-12-11)