Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Construction Schedule

The following areas within the S.O.D.A. boundaries are scheduled for construction projects this year.

Traffic on affected streets will be maintained as much as possible. Residents will be notified of disruptions in water service and trash collection, or if their driveways will be blocked. At least 24 hours of notice will be given.

Asphalt resurfacing
on the following streets:

from Outer Drive to Dartmouth

from Outer Drive to Dartmouth

from Outer Drive to Dartmouth

Dates: June-October 2015

Concrete replacement
on the following streets:

from Michigan Avenue to Park

from Outer Drive to Nowlin

Dates: July-October 2015

For the complete Dearborn 2015 Construction Schedule please visit the
Dearborn Construction Updates website